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Verification tools are the gateway to better know your customers

Our comprehensive verification tools have the flexibility your business needs to customize your workflows in a drag-and-drop builder, adjust the settings for each tool, and test the best mix of tools for your required tasks.

These tools help meet local and international compliance requirements. These include merits like proving citizenship, residency address, non-criminal history, tax history, consent, and much more.

We aid your business in tackling important
challenges in compliance

Comply with strict
global regulations

Ensure your business is compliant and avoid dire legal sanctions.

Enter new markets faster

Expand beyond borders or try new use cases confidently for a global landscape.

Protect your business
and customers

Obtain layered protection against fraud, money laundering, illicit activities, and more.

Catalog of Compliance Tools

Biometric Verification Verify user liveness and physical identity
Document Verification Verify validity, fraud risk, and ownership of an ID
Watchlist Check Check your user against 1200+ global watchlists
Location Intelligence Check a user’s location and VPN usage to restrict services
Email Check Check email ownership and fraud risk
Phone Check Check phone number ownership and fraud risk
Customer Access Management Authenticate an existing user with a selfie
Facematch Cutting-edge facial comparison across multiple sources of your choice
Video Agreement Records individuals repeating a script and compares the transcript to the original text
Custom Document Check user documents against a custom template
Custom Form Builder Verify users by letting them fill in input fields
Custom Watchlists Create personalized lists to filter individuals with your own restrictions
E-Signature Allow users to authenticate and sign documents digitally
Court Records Check Look up the court records associated with an individual

Top-tier companies use MetaMap’s compliance tools

Tools that aid in performing a comprehensive check on the customer against trustable and reliable government databases.
We aid your business in tackling important
challenges in government verification
Conduct background

Identify potential risks or issues impacting the customer’s reliability.

Validate employment

Ensure the accuracy of employment details and add an extra layer of trust to business interactions.

Leverage risk

Uncover legal issues or discrepancies. Address potential risks and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Catalog of Work Tools

Government Check Verify the individual against government databases
Government ID Verification Verify the validity of the details in the individual’s government-issued ID
Driving License Verification Verify the validity of the details in the individual’s driving license
Police Records Check Check whether an individual has an existing record with the police
Tax Number Verification Verify that an individual has a registered tax number

Top-tier companies use MetaMap’s government tools

Tools designed to assist in analyzing the customer’s financial risk. They include merits such as bank balance, income stability, earning potential, consumption patterns, history of loan repayment, asset ownership, and more.
We aid your business in tackling important
challenges in financial risk management

Streamline financial

Get instant access to income and transaction history data, enabling your businesses to make well-informed decisions.

Asses credit

Verify every customer’s financial health, habits, and ability to pay to reduce risk and conduct responsible transactions.


Prevent fraudulent activities and foster trust between your businesses and your customers.

Catalog of Financial Tools

Bank Account Data Access to bank information like income, transaction history and more
Bank statement extraction Extract bank info with the individual’s login data

Credit Check
Check the credit score of an individual in the official credit bureau

Top-tier companies use MetaMap’s financial tools

Discover our trusted merchant verification tools for customer insights, offering fast onboarding, secure authentication and streamlined KYC, AML, and financial risk management.

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verification tools

Learn which tool combinations
lead to optimal decision-making

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Clarity meets accuracy
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Discover how our verification tools can help your business to optimize its operations.