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Easy and secure onboarding in banking

MetaMap’s solutions equip your banking company to offer seamless security in financial services

Streamline onboarding processes and ensure compliance while unlocking new business possibilities.


Accelerate growth in your banking company

MetaMap’s end-to-end identity solution streamlines KYC and AML compliance, tailored to your specific needs while improving the customer experience. Enhance identity verification with MetaMap, reduce drop-offs, and grow your customer base.

Experience faster onboarding and KYC

Streamline onboarding processes, and provide secure and user-friendly KYC processes to reduce drop-offs while securing legal compliance.

Minimize risk, maximize conversions

Use MetaMap’s robust risk analysis and payment eligibility tools to make informed decisions, mitigate default risk, and boost approval rates.

Unlock borderless growth

Expand your bank across borders with streamlined onboarding workflows. Seamlessly grow your customer base.

solutions for the banking industry

Optimize banking operations with
comprehensive identity solutions

In today’s digital era, ensuring security and compliance in the banking sector is vital. Our solutions cover all needs—from account openings to high-risk customer monitoring.

Dive into a suite of tools designed to enhance identity verification, streamline onboarding processes, and mitigate risks, ensuring that every transaction is secure and compliant.

Account Opening

Enhance identity verification during bank account
openings, reducing fraud risk, and streamlining onboarding

Verify customer identities for account closure requests, ensuring compliance and security

Verify the identity of credit card applicants to prevent
fraud and unauthorized card issuance

Enhance due diligence for high-risk customers,
reducing risk and ensuring compliance

Authenticate borrowers’ identities ensuring loans are granted to legitimate applicants.

Verify the identity of individuals initiating wire transfers, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions

For a seamless start, utilize our
ready-to-use templates tailored for the
banking industry

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