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Verifying applicant identities in lending processes

MetaMap accurately verifies borrower identities in lending and payment services, reducing fraud and enhancing customer trust.

Expedite the onboarding processes, grow your customer base and ensure compliance while unlocking new possibilities for your business.

HOW CAN we HELP lending & payments BUSINESSes

Enable financial inclusion with MetaMap’s streamlined lending and payment onboarding

MetaMap’s identity solution enhances onboarding in lending and payments, streamlines KYC and AML compliance, and simplifies the borrower experience to meet
your business needs.

Create user-friendly onboarding

Streamline onboarding processes, and provide secure and user-friendly KYC processes to reduce borrower drop-offs while securing legal compliance.

Minimize risk, maximize growth

Use MetaMap’s robust risk analysis and payment eligibility tools to make informed decisions, mitigate default risk, and boost approval rates.

Merge speed with accuracy

Trim costs and manual workload by combining fast, automated identity checks with targeted manual scrutiny for accuracy.

solutions for the LENDING AND PAYMENTS industry

Optimize lending and payments operations with comprehensive identity solutions

The lending and payments industry requires efficiency and rapid responses to increasingly demanding borrowers. Our solutions cover all needs—from account openings to digital lending platforms authentication.

Explore tools designed to enhance onboarding for a broader audience, minimize manual work, comply with regulations, and secure more financial opportunities for all.

Loan Origination

Verify the identity of applicants throughout the loan application process.

Evaluate the creditworthiness of loan candidates by analyzing their KYC data.

Verify the identity of applicants throughout the loan application process.

Verify borrower identities during loan applications to improve lending risk management.

Verify cardholders’ identities when issuing payment cards.

Implement user authentication measures for loan repayments to prevent fraud.

For a seamless start, utilize our ready-to-use templates tailored for the lending and
payments industry

Top-tier companies from the lending & payments sector trust MetaMap

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