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Verification Tool

Verify the customer’s liveness through a selfie photo or video, and validate their identity using FaceMatch technology, which compares the image on their document to their biometric data.


Biometric Verification made easy

Biometric Verification

The customer uploads a selfie photo
or video from their smartphone following easy steps.

Liveness Detection

MetaMap swiftly tests if the person is real with head motion validation.

Make informed decisions

Speed up your decision-making procces about each customer in our intuitive dashboard analytics and results panel.

Conducted Checks

Liveness Check

Advanced, reliable, and user-centric verification

MetaMap’s Liveness Check empowers businesses to reduce identity fraud by distinguishing between genuine live users and spoofing attempts, including sophisticated scams like photos, videos, or masks.

Powered with real-time verification, this tool offers up to 99% accuracy in under 10 seconds, adhering to NIST and iBETA standards for security and reliability. This user-friendly tool enhances the verification experience and seamlessly integrates with other verification tools like Document Verification, ensuring comprehensive security.

Liveness Check is a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking efficient, accurate, and user-friendly identity verification while ensuring adherence to compliance and data security standards.

ID Document Facematch

Secure verification and compliance solution

This check matches an individual’s selfie photo or video with their ID document. The tool offers protection against fraud and criminal activities, including printed images, screen submissions, edited photos, deepfakes, account takeovers, and unauthorized access.

Analyze the customer photo, and conduct validations such as facematch comparison. This automated tool helps your business to meet KYC and AML compliance. Offer a frictionless user experience and integrate with other verification tools like Government Verification for reinforced security. 

MetaMap’s ID Document Verification is an efficient solution for identity verification, regulatory compliance, enhanced user experience, and reduced time and costs through automation. This check is useful for expanding businesses looking to ensure secure digital transactions.


Biometric Verification insights and stories

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See how biometric authentication is taking the place of old forms of identification by eliminating bureaucracy, errors and fraud.

Biometric Verification, from Fiction to Reality

In the past, biometric technology was not widely available. However, biometric technology has become a vital component of cybersecurity.

Frequently asked questions

A liveness test is a technology used to determine if a digital interaction is being performed by a live human being rather than a recorded video, a picture, or a robot. It’s crucial for security in online processes where identity verification is important.

If your business deals with online transactions, remote account access, or digital identity verification (like in banking, lending, or online services), and you want to prevent fraud, a liveness test solution is essential.

Absolutely. Implementing liveness tests helps assure users that their identity is protected and that the platform is safe from fraudulent activities, thereby enhancing user trust and credibility.

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