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Ensure safety
and trust in transportation

MetaMap’s solutions empower your transportation company to deploy secure and compliant operations.

Streamline onboarding and verification, reduce risk, and safeguard your users, drivers, and fleet.

HOW CAN we HELP YOUR transportation BUSINESS

Driving safety, compliance, and user experience for transportation companies

MetaMap’s end-to-end identity platform streamlines KYC and AML compliance, tailored to your specific needs while improving the customer experience. Enhance identity verification with MetaMap, and protect the safety of your users, drivers and fleet.

Enhance safety and security

Verify the identities of drivers and passengers ensuring that only authorized and vetted individuals can access the service.

Compliance assurance

Keep up with evolving local and international laws effortlessly, maintaining compliance within the dynamic transportation sector.

Elevate user experience

Streamline your service with automated verifications, providing customers and drivers a seamless experience, quicker service, and shorter wait times.

solutions for the transportation industry

Optimize transportation operations with comprehensive identity solutions

By enhancing security checks, streamlining compliance with KYC and AML regulations,
and simplifying user interactions, we help companies overcome operational challenges, reduce bottlenecks, and provide reliable, swift services.

Our solutions cover all needs, from driver onboarding to fleet management services,all tailored to meet the high-speed demands of modern transportation.

Driver Onboarding

Verify the identity of drivers joining transportation platforms

Authenticate passengers during the registration process.

Conduct KYC checks for users of vehicle-sharing and carpooling services.

Ensure only authorized passengers use specific transportation services.

Authenticate users updating their transportation account information.

Conduct KYC checks on individuals operating transportation vehicles.

For a seamless start, utilize our ready-to-use templates tailored for the transportation industry

Top-tier companies from the transportation sector trust MetaMap

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