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Verification Tool

Authenticate customer information precisely against global government databases, ensuring their data aligns with official records.


Government Verification made easy

Document upload

The customer uploads a photo of a government document from their smartphone.

Verification process

MetaMap conducts thorough checks against +1,200 official government databases worldwide.

Make informed decisions

Speed up your decision-making process about each customer in our intuitive dashboard analytics and results panel.

Conducted Checks

Name Verification

Accute and reliable identity confirmation

MetaMap’s Name Verification feature ensures that customer names match precisely with official government records. The tool cross-references names provided by customers against a comprehensive database of government records, sourcing data from electoral institutes, population registries, tax agencies, immigration institutes, and criminal records. Ensure your business is KYC and AML compliant and reduce the risk of fraud.

The tool is designed to flag any discrepancies in the name provided by the customer, ensuring alignment with official documentation. The Name Verification process is swift and secure, contributing to a streamlined onboarding experience and operational efficiency. This tool can be used in alignment with Document Verification.

By using this tool, businesses can ensure they adhere to international regulations and establish a secure, frictionless environment for their users.

Document Number Check

Trustable document authentication

The Document Number Check feature in MetaMap’s Government Verification Tool authenticates customer document numbers against global government databases. This check is essential for verifying the authenticity and validity of government-issued documents, such as passports and ID cards. 

This feature is crucial for industries that require reliable document verification for security and compliance purposes. It helps in preventing identity fraud and unauthorized access, enhancing the overall security of business operations and promoting faster onboarding processes.

MetaMap’s tool provides extensive global coverage, accessing data from various regions worldwide, including Africa and Latin America. Our solution sources data from government institutions worldwide, like electoral institutes, population registries, tax agencies, immigration institutes, and criminal records.

Expiration and Issue Date Verification

Comprehensive document validity check

The Expiration and Issue Date Verification enables businesses to confirm that the government documents are valid and current, including national IDs, passports and voter cards. Reject outdated documents to prevent identity theft and other types of document fraud, comply with regulations and improve security. 

This solution gathers reliable data from global government institutions, including tax agencies, immigration institutes, population registries, electoral institutes, and criminal records. Enhance the efficiency of the user onboarding process and improve the user experience, easily integrating this tool to other verification workflows, such as Watchlist Check.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that businesses implement accurate identity verification flows, promoting trust and security in your business.

Facematch Verification

Advanced biometric comparison with government records

Our tool compares the facial image from the customer’s ID document with the photo in the government database, ensuring that the individual presenting the document is its legitimate owner. Prevent identity fraud and ensuring the authenticity of the customer.

In just seconds, the Facematch Verification tool compares a live photo or video against the photo on their government document. Protect your business from scams and fraud like deepfakes and edited photos. Adjust facematch thresholds and integrate to other identity verification tools like Biometric Verification.

Our solution is ideal for businesses seeking to implement an effective identity verification process with user-friendly design, comply with legal regulations and strengthen their security, to create a secure environment for your business and your customers.

Government Database Facematch

Reliable and highly accurate verification

This tool validates if an individual’s selfie photo or video aligns with government database records. Is key in preventing fraud and criminal activities like document tampering and alterations. It sources reliable and accurate government records.

Obtain data from government sources like ID registries, criminal records, and tax number lists. In addition to the facematch comparison, analyze customer data like full name, document number, and expiration date. It easily integrates with other tools, such as Document Verification.

This tool simplifies verification processes, making it a practical choice for businesses needing secure identity checks, enhanced customer trust, and compliance with international regulations. It’s useful for businesses seeking to guarantee smooth transactions and global customer engagement.


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Frequently asked questions

Government Document Verification is the process of validating government-issued ID documents (like passports, driving licenses, or national ID cards) to confirm a person’s identity. It’s widely used in sectors requiring age or identity verification, such as banking, lending, online marketplaces, and telecommunication.

If your business involves age-restricted products, financial transactions, account creation requiring identity confirmation, or if you need to comply with regulatory KYC requirements, then ID document verification is essential.

Yes, it plays a crucial role in preventing identity theft and fraud. Businesses can significantly reduce the risk of fraudulent activities by ensuring that the documents presented are valid and belong to the person using them.

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