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Intelligence Tool

Accurately confirm your customers’ location, with options to restrict geo-locations and VPN usage. Enhance service delivery with precise location data.


Location Intelligence made easy

Location Tracking

Customers provide location access, allowing real-time tracking through GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, or mobile networks.

Verification process

MetaMap conducts high-accuracy checks to determine the geographical address based on the GPS or IP address of the device used, as well as VPN or Proxy geo-restriction.

Make informed decisions

Speed up your decision-making process about each customer in our intuitive dashboard analytics and results panel.

Conducted Checks

High-Accuracy Check

Precise location tracking technology

This check utilizes a combination of advanced technologies including GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data to pinpoint the exact location of users. Our system can retrieve and deliver detailed geographical information, including the individual’s country, state, city, and zip code, based on the GPS settings configured on their device, enhancing the precision of location-based data.

MetaMap’s tool ensures real-time location verification, delivering results in just seconds. Integrate this feature to tools like Biometric Verification to ensure strategic decision-making and enhanced identity verification.

Enhance operational efficiency by identifying the best locations for business expansion, resource allocation, and supply chain optimization. Understand market trends and consumer behaviors in specific areas, and design marketing strategies to improve customer engagement based on location insights.

IP Check

Efficient location tracking solution

The IP Check is a robust feature for default location tracking using the customer’s IP address. Effectively monitor and manage customer access, ensuring that services are provided in compliance with regional legal requirements and company policies. Identify potential fraudulent activities by detecting inconsistencies in the location data provided by users.

Immediately access key information about each customer, including country, state, city and zip code. Conduct service restrictions based on location, and strategically segment your audience with key user demographics. Your business can easily integrate this feature to other tools such as Government Check.

Our IP Check feature is an essential component for businesses aiming to understand and cater to their customer base more effectively while maintaining compliance and security standards.

VPN/Proxy Check

Advanced customer identification

This automated feature is designed to identify users accessing applications through VPNs or proxies, detecting if any individual is trying to obscure their true location. Ensure your business is dealing with genuine customers and validate the authenticity and reliability of their locations.

Confirm the accuracy of location-based data, and comply with industry geo-restriction policies within your company. See the results in the dashboard in real time to confirm if the user is in a restricted location. This check can be easily combined with tools such as Document Verification for enhanced security.

This tool offers businesses a robust mechanism to secure genuine user access and maintain the integrity of their verification processes while being compliant with KYC and AML regulations globally.

Geo-Restriction Check

EfFecTIve access control based on geographical limits

The Geo-Restriction Check enables businesses to set geographical access limits based on compliance needs or business strategies. This feature allows companies to restrict user access to their services based on specified countries or cities, ensuring that users are from desired locations.

This check is essential for businesses operating in multiple regions with varying legal and regulatory frameworks. It helps in adhering to local and global compliance standards by controlling the geographical distribution of services. To enhance security, supplement this feature with other verification tools, such as Watchlist Check.

MetaMap’s tool provides businesses with the ability to enforce geo-restrictions effectively, with streamlined and user-friendly integration, allowing for flexible and efficient management of user access based on geographical criteria. 


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Frequently asked questions

Location Intelligence uses technology to analyze and visualize geographic data to inform business decisions. It tracks customer locations, optimizes logistics, or tailors marketing strategies based on geographic insights.

Consider Location Intelligence if your business needs geographic data for marketing, logistics, risk management, asset tracking, or compliance with location-based regulations. It’s also useful if you want to restrict or allow users to access your services based on location requirements, as well as using a proxy or VPN.

Yes, Location Intelligence can reduce fraud by identifying unusual activities outside a user’s typical location pattern and enhancing security measures like geo-fencing and multi-factor authentication.

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