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Global Privacy Policy

MetaMap, Inc. (together, with its affiliates “MetaMap”, “we” or “us”) operates a platform that helps individuals control their personal information, and use that information to gain access to businesses and services around the world, including banks, payment processors, gig platforms, telcos, and employers who use our services as part of their hiring process.  Transparency is important to us, and so it is important that the businesses that use our platform, or that individuals that visit our website or otherwise communicate with us, understand how our platform and website process personal information.  

This Global Privacy Policy explains how MetaMap collects, handles, and shares personal information outside of its Platform – for example, when it engages with its business customers, on its website, and when it conducts sales & marketing.  If you are an end user who has provided data that MetaMap has processed, you should review our Platform Privacy Policy, which specifically explains how we collect and process your personal information, as well as what rights you have over your information.

What Information We Collect and Why

The MetaMap Services collects the following personal information about business customers, sales prospects, or individuals that visit our website:

  • Contact information such as your name, address, email address, phone numbers, etc.;
  • Government IDs and ID numbers, or other documents (such as utility bills) we may need in order to meet our compliance obligations; and
  • Device Information such as information about your mobile device, computer, browser, your IP address, your precise location, and information associated with cookies stored on your device.

We use this information at your direction to provide you with our services (for example to manage your accounts, to respond to your requests, to provide customer service, to help troubleshoot issues with your account).  Additionally, we use this information to conduct sales & marketing activities, including letting you know about new products or features within our platform.  Finally, we may use this information (when permitted):

  • To meet our legal requirements;
  • To investigate or prevent suspected fraud, threats of harm or criminal conduct, or violations of our contracts or policies;
  • To provide customer support or answer questions;
  • To improve our products and services, including to develop and test new products or features; and
  • To provide reporting and analytics.

When and Why Do We Share Personal Information

Because we operate a complex global platform, we share your information with service providers who help us offer our platform (for example the web hosting providers we use).  When we share your information in this way, we do so under a contract with the service provider.

Additionally, we may share your information:

  • to investigate or prevent suspected fraud, threats of harm or criminal conduct, or violations of our contracts or policies;
  • to help us conduct marketing and advertising;
  • to comply with legal requirements, or to respond to court orders or other similar government or legal demands; or
  • if we merge with or are acquired by another company.

Where We Send Personal Information

We provide our services to customers and individuals located around the world. As a result, we often need to transfer your information outside of your state or country, including to the United States. This data may be subject to the laws of the countries where we send it. When we send your information across borders, we take steps to protect your information, and we try to only send your information to countries that have relatively strong data protection laws.

How We Protect Personal Information

We take the security of our platform very seriously, and do our best to try and protect your information. There is always, however, some risk associated with any technology that transmits or stores electronic information through the Internet.  This means we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your information, even while we do our best to protect it.

How We Use “Cookies” And Other Specific Technologies

Like most other online services, we use “cookies” and other technologies that collect information about you as you use our services.  You can read more about the cookies we use on our website, the cookies we use to provide our software and services, and an explanation of how you can opt out of some of these cookies, in our Cookie Policy.

Data Subject Rights Over Personal Information

You may be located somewhere that offers you specific legal rights over your information.  Regardless of where you are located, however, we believe you should have the right to access and control your information. When we are allowed to do so, we will honor requests from you to access, delete, or correct your personal information, and will not penalize or discriminate against you for doing so.  To make such a request, please email us at  

While we would like to extend these rights to everyone, there are some situations where we are legally prohibited from doing so.  Specifically, when we handle your information solely on behalf of our customers, we sometimes do so as a “data processor” to them, meaning that we do not have the legal right to respond to requests from you.  In those situations, we will let you know that we are unable to assist, and will try (to the extent possible) to direct your request to the relevant customers.

 We also explain where you may have specific additional legal rights below, in the section titled “Additional Information for Specific Regions.”

Additional Information for Specific Regions

Some countries require a “legal basis” for any processing of your personal information.  We primarily process your personal information to fulfill our contractual obligations to you, or otherwise at your direction and with your consent. Where we are not processing your personal data at your express direction, we generally do so based on our legitimate business interests, including:

  • To improve our products and services;
  • To conduct marketing; and
  • if we merge with or are acquired by another company.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Global Privacy Policy explains our current standards for how we protect your personal data. As with any platform, we may occasionally need to make changes to our data protection practices, and you may check this document at any time to see our current practices.

How to Contact Us

If you would like to ask about or make a complaint about how we handle your information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

Contact Information:
MetaMap, Inc.
2001 Gateway Pl.,
Suite 151ESan Jose,
CA 95110USA


Last Updated:  February 22, 2023