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Cut costs in fintech and financial services

MetaMap streamlines your fintech and financial services with automated KYC and AML compliance.

Accelerate onboarding and reduce manual labor costs with customized workflows.

HOW CAN we HELP financial services & fintech BUSINESSes

Accelerate growth in your financial services
& fintech company

MetaMap’s end-to-end identity verification platform secures KYC and AML compliance, reducing financial risks while enhancing user experience. Reduce costs of manual work and automate processes to reach new customers.

Simplify compliance and streamline onboarding

Meet user expectations and reduce friction with streamlined onboarding and KYC processes to reduce drop-offs while securing compliance.

Minimize risk, maximize growth

Deploy risk analysis and payment eligibility tools to mitigate risks, and boost approval rates to grow your customer base.

Cut costs and reduce manual labor

Replace time-consuming manual tasks with automated workflows to avoid human error and minimize costs within your company.

solutions for the financial services and fintech industry

Optimize financial services operations with comprehensive identity solutions

In today’s regulatory landscape, meeting customer expectations while ensuring compliance is crucial. Our solutions cover all needs—from loan origination to payment APIs integration.

Dive into a suite of tools designed to enhance identity verification, automate processes to reduce manual work, and mitigate risks, ensuring that every transaction is secure.

Loan Origination

Verify the identity of applicants throughout the loan application process

Ensure secure user authentication during the onboarding for digital wallet services.

Perform KYC verifications on borrowers and lenders participating in P2P lending transactions.

Conduct verification of user identities for P2B
financing and lending services.

Conduct verification for users engaging in payments
and transactions within fintech platforms.

Integrate KYC checks into payment APIs for
secure transactions.

For a seamless start, utilize our 
ready-to-use templates tailored for financial services & fintech

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