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Cross-check individuals against international and local watchlists. Ensure your business avoids onboarding individuals associated with criminal activities, terrorism, money laundering, and other illicit acts.


Wachtlist checks made easy

Document upload

The customer uploads a photo of a document from their smartphone or enters data manually.

Verification process

MetaMap cross-references the information against selected watchlists that match your business needs.

Make informed decisions

Speed up your decision-making process about each customer in our intuitive dashboard analytics and results panel.

Watchlist Checks Comparison

International watchlists screening

Compliance & due diligence



Daily monitoring &
webhook notifications

Standard Watchlist Check

20 international watchlists

Comprehensive screening against global watchlists

Selection of 20 different PEP, Police Most Wanted, and Sanction Lists

Document Verification or Custom Input


Premium Watchlist Check

1,200+ premium watchlists

Advanced screening, security level, due diligence, and compliance

Name search mode (Fuzzy or Exact)

Entity search

Country restrictions

1,200 +Watchlist list selection

Document Verification or Custom Input


Watchlist Checks Comparison


Watchlist checks insights and stories

AML, Compliance and Why Businesses Need to Stay Up toDate

Learn about what is AML compliance and how all businesses, big or small, need to stay on top of the law.

What is AML and Compliance in Fraud Prevention?

For those in the corporate world, knowing what AML means and how to comply with its rules is a necessity.

Frequently asked questions

An AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Watchlist Check tool is a feature that helps businesses identify and assess risks by checking individuals or entities against various watchlists, including those for sanctions, PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons), and most wanted criminals. It’s essential for compliance and preventing financial crimes.

If your business operates in a regulated industry, deals with international transactions, or is required to perform KYC and AML checks, then this tool is necessary to ensure compliance with legal standards and to protect against financial crimes.

Yes, automating the process of checking against multiple watchlists significantly reduces the time and resources needed for compliance, allowing for more efficient operations and focus on core business activities.

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