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Cross-check individuals against international and local watchlists. Ensure your business avoids onboarding individuals associated with criminal activities, terrorism, money laundering, and other illicit acts.


Wachtlist checks made easy

Document upload

The customer uploads a photo of a document from their smartphone or enters data manually.

Verification process

MetaMap cross-references the information against selected watchlists that match your business needs.

Make informed decisions

Speed up your decision-making process about each customer in our intuitive dashboard analytics and results panel.

Conducted Checks

Standard Watchlist Check

Comprehensive screening against blobal watchlists

This check involves screening individuals against 20 international watchlists, including those related to criminal activities, terrorism, and money laundering. By using this tool, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of associating with individuals involved in illicit activities, thereby maintaining regulatory compliance.

The Standard Watchlist Check is essential for adhering to KYC and AML regulations. It provides a thorough due diligence process, ensuring that businesses do not onboard individuals flagged on these critical watchlists. For added security, combine this check with other tools such as Biometric Verification.

Our tool offers a user-friendly interface with flexible verification options, including document upload or custom input, accommodating various user preferences. Businesses can enhance trust and security, make informed strategic decisions, and maintain a high level of regulatory compliance.

Premium Watchlist Check

Advanced screening and accurate data

This tool offers effective identity verification against +1,200 premium watchlists to validate if customers are involved in criminal activities, terrorism, and financial fraud. This extensive check is designed for businesses that require an advanced level of security, due diligence and compliance.

MetaMap’s tool offers customizable name matching, allowing businesses to set the level of fuzziness in name matching for enhanced accuracy. MetaMap offers daily premium watchlist monitoring, providing continuous compliance and security monitoring for each customer. If a customer appears on a watchlist, businesses receive a webhook notification. The customizable name matching feature enhances the accuracy of the check, while the tool’s is easily integrated to other tools, such as Document Verification.

The Premium Watchlist Check provides an in-depth screening process in real time, ensuring that businesses avoid onboarding individuals associated with any illicit acts flagged in these comprehensive databases.

Sanction Lists

Extensive verification against international sanction lists

The Sanction Lists feature is designed to cross-check individuals against comprehensive sanction lists sourced from reputable institutions. These lists include the UN Consolidated Sanctions, UK Bank of England Sanctions list, US Denied Persons, and Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, among others.

With this check businesses can avoid significant legal and financial repercussions associated with non-compliance. It helps in identifying individuals who may pose a risk due to their involvement in activities like terrorism financing or international trade violations. Conviniently integrate this checks to other helpful tools such as Government Check.

The Sanction Lists feature provides comprehensive coverage and ensuring that businesses can operate with confidence in the global marketplace. This feature is vital for businesses that need to ensure they are not engaging with individuals or entities subject to international sanctions.

PEP Lists

Rigorous screening against global political exposure lists

MetaMap’s Watchlist Check Tool includes a PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) Lists feature, which screens individuals against global lists sourced from respected institutions such as the CIA World Leaders, CoE Parliamentary Assembly, EU Members of Parliament, and CO SIGEP.

Screening against PEP Lists is a critical component of AML compliance, as it helps businesses in identifying high-risk individuals who might be involved in criminal activity like bribery, corruption, or other illegal financial activities. This check is essential for identifying individuals who may have greater exposure to corruption due to their political positions and influence. Seamlessly integrate the tool to other security checks like Document Verification.

The tool’s daily monitoring and webhook notifications keep businesses informed if a customer appears on a PEP list, enhancing ongoing compliance and security measures. With easy integration into existing systems, this feature offers a seamless and efficient process for conducting thorough identity verifications.

Most Wanted Lists

Targeted screening for reinforced security

The Most Wanted Lists feature enables businesses to cross-check individuals against global most wanted lists. These lists are sourced from reputable institutions such as the US DEA Most Wanted, US FBI Most Wanted, INTERPOL Red Notices, UK Most Wanted, and more. This screening allows businesses to identify and avoid interactions with individuals who are sought after for serious criminal activities.

Implementing this feature ensures that businesses do not inadvertently become involved in criminal operations. This check is compatible with other tools, such as Biometric Verification.

Use our analytics dashboard for insights from the watchlist checks, aiding in more informed decision-making and strategy development. Integrate into your service, website or app with options like direct linking, SDK, and API, ensuring comprehensive coverage and seamless integration.


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Frequently asked questions​

An AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Watchlist Check tool is a feature that helps businesses identify and assess risks by checking individuals or entities against various watchlists, including those for sanctions, PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons), and most wanted criminals. It’s essential for compliance and preventing financial crimes.

If your business operates in a regulated industry, deals with international transactions, or is required to perform KYC and AML checks, then this tool is necessary to ensure compliance with legal standards and to protect against financial crimes.

Yes, automating the process of checking against multiple watchlists significantly reduces the time and resources needed for compliance, allowing for more efficient operations and focus on core business activities.

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