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Everything you need to better verify customer identity

MetaMap is a customer identity platform that enables businesses to understand their users more accurately.

Streamline identity verification and onboarding processes, reduce fraud, and simplify KYC and AML compliance with AI-powered automated tools.

How our platform works

Decisions rooted in optimal data selection

Verification Tools Library

Powerful verification tools to elevate your customer identity verification process

Explore our extensive catalog of verification tools, offering an array of choices to build a verification flow that aligns with your business requirements, all within one platform.

Financial Tools
Bank Account Data Access to bank information like income, transaction history and more

Bank Statement Extraction
Extract bank info with the individual’s login data

Credit Check Check the credit score of an individual in the official credit bureau
Biometric Verification Verify user liveness and physical identity
Document Verification Verify validity, fraud risk, and ownership of an ID
Watchlist Check Check your user against 1200+ global watchlists
Location Intelligence Check a user’s location and VPN usage to restrict services
Email Check Check email ownership and fraud risk
Phone Check Check phone number ownership and fraud risk
Customer Access Management Authenticate an existing user with a selfie
Facematch Cutting-edge facial comparison across multiple sources of your choice
Video Agreement Records individuals repeating a script and compares the transcript to the original text
Custom Document Check user documents against a custom template
Custom Form Builder Verify users by letting them fill in input fields
Custom Watchlists Create personalized lists to filter individuals with your own restrictions
E-Signature Allow users to authenticate and sign documents digitally
Court Records Check Look up the court records associated with an individual
Government Check Verify the individual against government databases
Government ID Verification Verify the validity of the details in the individual’s government-issued ID
Driving License Verification Verify the validity of the details in the individual’s driving license
Police Records Check Check whether an individual has an existing record with the police
Tax Number Verification Verify that an individual has a registered tax number

Ready to use templates

Pre-designed templates for
frequent verification tasks

Get started effortlessly, even if it’s your first time working with verification workflows. Choose a predefined workflow from our extensive library that best suits your business needs.

Choose a predefined workflow

Filter by industry or use case to find the most suitable template.

Adjust configurations

Fine-tune the verification tools settings to align with business requirements.

Accuracy meets speed

Evaluations returned within 1 minute. See for yourself.
FREE trial with instant access

Why choose metamap

Many solutions, one platform for better onboarding and verification processes

Faster onboarding of new customers
Accurately verify user identity
Meet your KYC and AML compliance needs

Build identity verification workflows 
tailored to your business needs

Soundly gauge fraud and money laundering risks
Effortlessly integrate proprietary data
Obtain an auditable trail for risky users

Confidently grant access to your services
with authentication functions


3 ways to integrate MetaMap
into your business







Build custom workflows and create your own UX. The collected information is sent to MetaMap and is verified in seconds.

Keep total control over your front-end

Requires development

1-2 weeks


All platforms

Web or Mobile SDK

Create custom workflows using a prebuilt UX. Copy a few lines of code provided in the dashboard and paste them into your app or website.

No need to build front-end or maintain software

Instant customer feedback during onboarding for real-time error correction

Access to a wider set of tools and features

Limited flexibility in terms of look & feel

4 hours – 5 days


Web, Native (iOS, Android), Hybrid (Capacitator, Flutter, Ionic Cordova, React Native, Expo)

Direct link (no code)

Make custom workflows using a prebuilt UX. Simply copy the link provided in your dashboard and share it via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

No development needed

The UX is not embedded into your app or website

5 minutes




3 ways to integrate MetaMap
into your business

Customer support

MetaMap ensures your success with 24/7 support, easy setup, and helpful guides and tips.

Long-term success partnership

A Customer Success Manager will introduce you to the latest MetaMap features.

Fast-track onboarding

A Solutions Engineer will set you up, covering backend exchanges, design best practices, and more.

Always-on assistance

We’re always here to ensure your success with chat and email support, FAQs, user guides, and live service status.

Security and certifications

At MetaMap, we are committed to digital trust. Explore our top-tier certifications and stringent security measures designed to safeguard your business and clients’ data.

SOC2 Type II & SOC3 Logos

SOC2 Type II & SOC3

We are certified in Security,
Availability, and Confidentiality standards.

ISO 27001:2013 logo

ISO 27001:2013

Certification centered around information security at the infrastructural level.

CSA Star Level One CAIQ logo

CSA Star Level One CAIQ

Certification for transparency, auditing, cloud security and privacy best practices.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to most commonly asked questions about the MetaMap platform

Businesses can grow and expand with the right insights and data about their customers. Acquiring a deeper understanding of your customers mitigates risks and enables more confident decision-making.

MetaMap is a platform that enables businesses to understand their audience more accurately and completely. Please click here to talk to an Expert and learn more about how our platform can help your business.

We support every country in the world. You can customize and restrict the specific countries or regions you want to work with from your MetaMap dashboard. We offer various levels of coverage in different regions and specialize in Latin America and Africa.

For more detailed information on services by region, please click here for Latin America and click here for Africa.

You can effortlessly integrate MetaMap into your websites and apps through a link, an easy-to-use kit (SDK), or a user-friendly interface (API). Manage everything conveniently through our Dashboard, where you’ll receive updates, notifications, and status reports.

Yes. You can modify the color of graphical elements using the exact RGB or hex color code of your brand. Additionally, you can set your preferred language and display your company logo at the top of the screen.

Absolutely. We offer an immediate FREE Trial, so you can see for yourself how the platform works. You are granted 300 free verifications and 3 months of access. Please click here to try MetaMap now.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information

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