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Verification Tool

Confirm the legitimacy of documents with precision and obtain information such as name, date of birth, address, and more. Experience enhanced trust and security by ensuring all documents submitted are genuine and belong to the user.


Document Verification made easy

Document upload

The customer uploads a photo of
a document from their smartphone.

Verification process

MetaMap conducts thorough checks for authenticity and integrity of documents.

Make informed decisions

Speed up your decision making process about each customer in our intuitive dashboard analytics and results panel.

Conducted Checks

Alteration Detection

Robust protection against fraud

Effectively identify any tampering or alterations made to documents. The tool boasts a high accuracy rate, and provides results quickly, enhancing business efficiency. Protect your business against many types of document fraud, including falsifications made with new technologies, and strengthen your security system.

Verify a wide range of documents such as national IDs, drivers licenses, tax cards, voter IDs and passports, customizing options like toggling of black and white images or adding human verification. Add an extra layer of security in your transactions and guarantee your operations are compliant with legal regulations. Easily integrate to other verification tools to create a comprehensive verification ecosystem, such as Government Check.

The Alteration Detection tool works for businesses in different industries looking to reduce the risk of fraud, prevent criminal activity, and secure that every document processed is genuine and unaltered.

Template Matching

Accurate and customizable identity verification

MetaMap’s Template Matching tool, powered with AI algorithms, validates if the uploaded document matches the expected template for specific ID types in the selected country, such as national IDs, drivers licenses, tax cards, voter IDs and passports. Protect your business from different types of document fraud, ensuring KYC and AML compliance.

Access and analyze customer information blocks such as full name, date of birth and document number. Custom settings allow you to configure how the ID should be uploaded, for example, restricting scans, screenshots, image uploads, and more. This tool integrates to your verification workflows with other tools such as Watchlist Check.

This highly precise tool helps business to identify their customers identity with fast results and analysis. Adhere to global standards, ensure compliance and reduce the cost of manual verification with automated workflows.

Age Restriction

Customizable and flexible age verification solution

This feature is designed to ensure compliance with age-related legal requirements, crucial for businesses in industries with age-restricted laws and regulations. Customize age thresholds so you can restrict access to any age group. Obtain quick, accurate verification, streamlining the process and reducing the need for manual age checks while adhering to compliance standards.

Avoid potential legal issues related to non-compliance and build trust in your business ethics. The user-friendly check integrates seamlessly with other verification tools, such as Biometric Verification.

Grant or restrict access based on age, minimizing legal risks and streamlining identity verification and onboarding. This practical solution is ideal for businesses managing age-sensitive services, be compliant with international laws, and reduce the need for manual checks to save time and money.

Duplicate User Detection

Automated verification to save time and avoid errors

Quickly identify individuals who have previously undergone the verification process. This feature is crucial in preventing duplicate submissions, duplicate onboarding, and potential fraud, enhancing the integrity and security of the verification process.

Using advanced AI algorithms, the tool cross-references new verification submissions against existing records, ensuring that each user is uniquely identified. It provides fast and accurate results, ensuring that each transaction or interaction is associated with a distinct and verified user. This tool is easily integrated with the Biometric Verification Tool.

The Duplicate User Detection tool saves time and money, avoiding the need for manual reviews that could be prone to human error. Is an integral solution for businesses that require secure onboarding and detailed data from their customer base.

Facematch Comparison

Enhanced and automated identity security

The Facematch tool compares an individual’s live photo or video against the photo on their ID document, ensuring that the person presenting the document is its rightful owner. Protect your business from various types of criminal activity and fraud, such as printed images, screen submissions, edited photos, deepfakes, and more.

This user-centered verification tool uses algorithms and AI to analyze facial features in seconds. Adjust facematch thresholds to reject or manually review cases, and view in real time the score indicating the level of similarity. It integrates to other identity verification tools like Biometric Verification.

Our solution is ideal for businesses seeking to implement an effective verification process with user-centric design, comply with legal regulations and strengthen their security.

Age Consistency Check

Accurate confirmation of customers demographics

This tool is designed to instantly validate customer ages. It integrates automated identity verification by comparing the estimated age from biometric input with the age on a customer’s ID document. This approach is particularly effective in countering the rise in fraudulent activities where faces on ID cards are altered.

The tool integration with the Biometric Verification solution enhances the accuracy protection against fraud. By automating age verification, the tool significantly reduces manual work, streamlining customer onboarding and ensuring compliance with age-specific regulations in various industries.

The Age Consistency Check also enables strategic audience segmentation for targeted marketing and analytics, making it an invaluable asset for businesses managing age-sensitive services.

Expiration Detection

Precise document validity verification

MetaMap’s Expiration Detection is designed to ensure that documents presented for verification are within their valid date range. Our technology accurately identifies expired documents, a crucial step in safeguarding against fraud and compliance issues.

The tool processes verifications in real time and delivers results in seconds. The user-friendly interface enhances the overall security framework of businesses. This check is complimentary to other tools, such as Government Verification.

MetaMap’s Expiration Detection tool provides businesses with the assurance that they are working with current and valid documentation, essential for maintaining trust and assuring legal compliance.


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Frequently asked questions

Identity Document Verification is the process of validating government-issued ID documents (like passports, driving licenses, or national ID cards) to confirm a person’s identity. It’s widely used in sectors requiring age or identity verification, such as banking, lending, online marketplaces, and telecommunication.

If your business involves age-restricted products, financial transactions, account creation requiring identity confirmation, or if you need to comply with regulatory KYC requirements, then ID document verification is essential.

Yes, it plays a crucial role in preventing identity theft and fraud. Businesses can significantly reduce the risk of fraudulent activities by ensuring that the documents presented are valid and belong to the person using them.

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