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BLOG POST     SEPT 4, 2023   |  4 MIN

SEPT 4, 2023   |  4 MIN

Fingerprint verification is one of the safest and most trustworthy technologies and one we are now using almost every day.

A lot of people are used to checking their smartphones first thing in the morning to catch up on the news. And these days, they have probably heard about Elon Musk finally acquiring Twitter and becoming its CEO. He’s already imposing several changes, and more are to come. But, what does that have to do with fingerprints and security?

I promise I’m not a robot

First of all, one of the biggest issues Musk wants to address is the need to “authenticate all humans” and reduce the number of bots and fake accounts. That’s why, now, anyone can buy the blue check, the one that was limited to celebrities, politicians, famous people, journalists, and renowned personalities.

Why? In theory, to reduce bots and fake accounts. Those that disturb the public conversation, and public opinion – at least, during elections or big world events, when those bots are known for pushing misinformation.

Therefore, and considering the previous point, today there are different alternatives to “authenticate people” and eliminate those bots. 

From optical to face recognition, which has been used for entertainment with those funny Instagram or Snapchat filters, but also to commit fraud and identity theft, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence) which can be used to create Deepfakes.

In fact, deep fakes allow you to edit videos in which they use someone else’s face, who was not there in real life. One of the first deep fakes ever made was the one with Tom Cruise.

These types of activities can be really dangerous if used to commit fraud, like using a well-known businessman’s face to invite others to participate in a Ponzi scheme. Depp fakes might make you believe you are talking to a millionaire and not someone trying to scam you.

To avoid this, one of the safest and most trustworthy technologies is fingerprint verification, something we are now used to using almost every day in so many settings: on our phones, at the bank, to open our own house, etc.


You can’t leave your fingerprint at home

One of the most irritating things is the number of passwords we now need and have to remember.

Whether you write them down on a piece of paper or save them on an app, is very likely that you will eventually forget one of those passwords, and here’s where the problems begin.

One of the benefits of using your fingerprints to validate your identity is the fact that is very practical. Every day, more and more companies are now implementing tools to verify people’s identities by using their fingerprints.

Classics like James Bond seventh movie, “Diamonds are forever” (1971), showed back then an imaginary scenario, where the protagonist used a fingerprint scanner. In the seventies, that seemed impossible, but nowadays is one of the most used technologies in the world.

Even though there are many biometric tools, and there will be many more in the future, the fingerprint trumps them all, because it has one key factor: immutability. 

This makes it one of the safest biometric tools against cyber attacks, fraud, and identity theft.

Recently, scientists have discovered that the heartbeat can be also used as a biometric tool with the same goal but at a much higher price.

Even though there are risks, you can always count on an ally that takes safety very seriously

Fingerprints are indeed an effective and inexpensive way to verify someone’s identity but there’s always a risk attached to how that data is kept. However, you can have an ally to back up that information.

MetaMap, a digital ally

We all need someone to trust, and in a globalized world, we need to be able to trust everyone. In a world filled with information, apps, websites, passwords, and social media, having someone to help us stay protected and safe, as users and business owners, is indispensable.

That’s why you might need MetaMap, to offer you an ecosystem of alternatives, tools, and services that will improve the quality of your online safety, with over 25 merits to verify and map people and to help companies stay compliant.

MetaMap’s goal is to verify the authenticity of your users and avoid any situation related to fraud. Through verifying biometric data, documents, credit scores, email, phone numbers, bank statements, and more MetaMap maps users, value their information and protects them and the companies from any issues. 

If you want to know more about the vast possibilities that MetaMap has to offer to small, medium, and big companies that need to verify their user’s identity, contact us today, to start testing our product.

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