Webinar On-Demand

Webinar On-Demand

Layering fraud detection techniques to mitigate identity theft

Fraud Detection

Webinar On-Demand

Webinar On-Demand

Técnicas para mitigar el robo de identidad en tu operación

Detección de fraudes

Webinar sob demanda

Webinar sob demanda

Técnicas para proteger seu negócio das fraudes de identidade digital

Fraude em camadas

Free Webinar

Free Webinar

How AI can increase efficiency of transaction monitoring and due diligence

AI transaction monitoring

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Cómo mejorar el monitoreo de transacciones a través de la IA

Monitoreo de transacciones IA

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Pagamentos digitais em 2024: três desafios de segurança em Brasil

Pagamentos digitais

We’re available in 50+ countries!

The most powerful way to onboard new users verify users avoid fraud become KYC compliant

MetaMap eliminates manual and repetitive identity verification tasks for B2C fintechs, so you can focus on growth and revenue.

Get 1000 Free verifications.

Applies to both accounts.

Improving identity and financial documents verification to provide more and better services to its customers.

Eliminated manual review rates, improved user onboarding speed, unlocked international expansion

Enabled launch of lending platform.

Reduced onboarding friction, improved UX and speed of account creation in Nigeria

Reduced the loan default rate by over 50%

Improved the UX of their onboarding while complying to AML regulations

Join the 550+ companies that trust MetaMap to digitalize, speed up, and fight fraud in user verification.



Didi will improve its lending process by integrating MetaMap's verification tools, like ID document verification, bank statement checks, and income verifications.

This will enhance the user experience, enabling the expansion in Latam and allowing the development of new products while maintaining full KYC/AML compliance.

The result is a seamless, secure, and value-driven lending experience for Didi's customers.



Instead of asking for unnecessary information from the beginning, Eversend gives progressive access to their platform. Users get verified seamlessly because they understand the importance of the required information.

Eversend expanded to Africa and Europe with MetaMap.



By using MetaMap, Allianz agents are able to effectively verify the authenticity of the ID provided by individuals prior to selling their policies. This allows agents who are on the move to speed up the process and close more deals faster.



Foxbit provides a seamless and safe onboarding experience to their users throught MetaMap.

Within minutes, Foxbit is able to validate the identity of new and existing customers using MetaMap. By performing different tiers of verification based on the customer journey, Foxbit offers a great user experience to trustworthy customers.

Mercado Bitcoin


Mercado Bitcoin is the largest platform for digital assets in Latin America. Thanks to MetaMap, they accelerated their expansion while delivering a streamlined onboarding process to its end customers, allowing the company to focus on its business completely. In addition, MetaMap helps MB accept and monitor customers in over 40 countries, allowing them to comply with local regulations.



Thanks to the usage of new merits, such as Government Check, Wibond has optimized every step of its identity verification process.

Through a seamless workflow and clean user experience, the quality of their service and overall operation have evolved and now preventing fraud is easier than ever.

MetaMap is tailored for the growth of your business.

Full transparency and privacy for your customers.

We use the highest end-to-end industry-standard encryption technology to make sure your users’ data stay safe and secure.

Adapt your authentication and onboarding process.

Determine in which way you want to onboard your users’ with our personalized customer journeys.

Compliance with regulations worldwide.

MetaMap has exceeded the highest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses around the world.

Worldwide availability.

Our products can be used worldwide without any issues.

Metamaps are customizable verification flows

  1. Choose from our battle-tested metamaps, customize as needed
  2. Customize it to fit your needs and drag and drop in your merits. No coding required.
  3. Save and easily deploy into your customer journey using SDKs or API.

Access LATAM's largest pool of data sources, organized into merits

Open the door to more customers by assessing them based on comprehensive, evidence-based merits, not rigid scores or guesses.

MetaMap stands in Forbes’ 2022 top 50 AI company list.

We’re one of the companies making the most interesting and effective use of artificial intelligence technology.

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