Fully customizable

What is key to understand is that while some merits might be relevant for a specific use case, others might not, but that doesn’t mean they won’t perfectly apply to another customer. That is why tailor made solutions are so important in the industry.

Our compromise with customers is to identify which merit or group of merits are the best fit for their type of business and how they can help close this circle of trust, ensuring thus better, seamless and a more efficient customer experience.

Filip describes MetaMap‘s wildest ambition in a phrase:

“Map everyone’s merits to let people discover and navigate to each other. In the absence of this, providers and consumers of services will continue to not be matched, limiting how we can interact with each other online”.

The truth is, trust is the core component of the puzzle that defines how and if we want to interact as consumers or providers of all kinds of services. Because the way we used to engage in relationships through traditional channels has changed drastically due to technology, the mere act of getting to know someone online has to change too.

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