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Higher conversion
rates in telcos with
fast onboarding

MetaMap’s solutions empower your telecommunications company to provide customized identity verification services.

Streamline onboarding processes, ensure compliance, while protecting from fraud.


Enhance telecommunications performance

MetaMap revolutionizes telecom operations by accelerating onboarding and enhancing KYC and AML compliance for robust fraud protection. Our solutions streamline customer acquisition, boosting conversion rates while effectively guarding against fraudulent activities.

Improve conversion

Streamline onboarding processes, and provide secure and user-friendly KYC processes to reduce borrower drop-offs while securing legal compliance.

Reduce fraud

Safeguard your business from SIM card swap fraud, identity theft, CNP fraud, and other attacks by implementing robust identity verification.

Minimize Costs

Replace time-consuming manual tasks with automated workflows to avoid human error and minimize costs within your company.

solutions for the telcos industry

Optimize telcos operations with comprehensive identity solutions

We streamline telco operations by automating customer onboarding and ensuring accurate data collection. This also speeds up revenue generation from new accounts.

Our solutions streamline everything from SIM card to data plan activation, ensuring compliance and fraud prevention, while boosting operational efficiency.

SIM Card Activation

Verify the identity of drivers joining transportation platforms

Streamline the process of switching mobile service providers while maintaining number integrity.

Verify user identities when onboarding mobile wallet services.

Authenticate users for international roaming services.

Conduct KYC checks on individuals applying for device financing plans.

Ensure user identities when activating data plans for devices.

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ready-to-use templates tailored for the telcos industry

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