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MetaMap joins Incode to build the future of identity verification

BLOG POST     JUN 11, 2024   |  5 MIN

JUN 11, 2024   |  5 MIN


We’re thrilled to announce that MetaMap is now part of Incode. This is a significant step forward in our mission to lead the future of identity verification. Together, we will build a smarter, larger network.

Learn more about what this exciting development means for both companies below.


A smarter, larger network

By merging our capabilities, MetaMap and Incode are creating a network that has seen hundreds of millions of identities in the past year alone. With this union, our customers can expect unparalleled identity verification services that make digital interactions safer and more informed.

Incode’s fully automated, AI-first solution enables identity verification with the highest accuracy and optimal user experience. Incode meets the most stringent compliance and privacy requirements that leading enterprise brands need through a customizable enterprise-grade platform.

MetaMap’s inventive approach to sourcing, integrating, and interpreting a vast range of data has empowered businesses to understand their customers better. MetaMap’s platform allows flexibility for businesses of all sizes to build their verification journeys and data integrations, ensuring a tailored fit for each unique need.

As AI-fueled fraud keeps getting more prevalent and sophisticated, the need for quick and accurate identity verification has never been more crucial for businesses. By joining forces, MetaMap and Incode combine strengths to tackle these challenges head-on, making digital interactions safer and more reliable for everyone.

We are dedicated to expanding our impact to more businesses and individuals across the globe, ensuring trust in every interaction.

Combining Incode’s enterprise-grade technology with MetaMap’s easy-to-implement platform will expand our reach across North America, Latin America, and Africa. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a midmarket business, we have a solution for your company.

This partnership isn’t just about combining two companies; it’s about creating a future where identity verification is seamless, secure, and reliable. We’re excited about the possibilities and the innovations we’ll bring to our global clients.

What this means for our customers

As MetaMap is now part of Incode, our combined company is set to deliver even more powerful identity verification services. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Incode leads the way in fraud detection with an in-house AI and fraud lab, deterministic verifications through exclusive government connections, and a future-proof deepfake prevention system.
  • MetaMap allows businesses to build verification journeys through an easy-to-integrate platform, accessing a wide range of identity data points.

Together, we are committed to powering a world of trust, ensuring every interaction is secure, efficient, and reliable.

A new era in identity verification

To all our clients, partners, and followers –thank you for your continued support. We look forward to this new journey with Incode and are excited to share more updates with you soon.

For more details, read the full announcement here.

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