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Global opportunities for companies and users through technology

BLOG POST     MAR 25, 2023   |  7 MIN

MAR 25, 2023   |  7 MIN
“Technology is best when it brings people together.” – Matt Mullenweg.

Today, technological advances reach people faster and faster. Technology democratizes access to better basic services for hundreds of thousands. However, it is crucial to recognize that the rate of democratization of technologies for 8 billion people is still far from being reached.

The good news is that different companies and individuals are addressing the issue by improving the quality of life for millions of people. The goal is to democratize access to employment opportunities, primary products, or bank loans through the use of technologies, such as artificial intelligence A.

Technology is best when it brings people together.

– Matt Mullenweg.

The context

Today the global population is almost 8 billion people. Approximately 80% earn less than $20 a day, 13% do not have clean water, 23% are homeless, and 1.1 billion do not have access to their identity. This group is known as the invisible billion.

The more one investigates the numbers of access to basic services, such as education, quality work, or financial services, the more a tremendous global problem is revealed.

While we could stop here and think “at least we are better off than 100 years ago,” the truth is that a large percentage of the population is still submerged in different poverty traps.

These barriers can definitely be broken down with current technologies, at least theoretically. However, the aim must be for the technology to reach people’s hands, with the lowest possible costs. In addition, it should be ready for quick use, depending on the reality of the different regions of the world. 

But how?

Not everything is bad news. About 64% of the world’s population can use the Internet, and more than 90% have a cell phone or another device that gives them access to the internet.

Smartphones and tablets are fantastic tools already in the hands of the majority. However, the question remains:  How can we provide millions of people access to opportunities and services that can definitively improve their quality of life?

We could rush in and think that we can do it alone. That we can help the invisible billion access identity, the two billion without access to banks, or provide seven billion people access to better opportunities.

However, it is virtually unfeasible for a single person or company to have the capital, logistics, and, above all, the time necessary to fight against regulatory problems, institutional issues, access to markets, and more.

Therefore, citing the words of Matt Mullenweg, “technology works much better when you bring people together.” And we believe that unity is strength.

Instead, why not think of finding the perfect allies across different global markets. But, which allies?

The partner ecosystem

As we said, these allies must have overcome the regulatory risks, set up the necessary connection networks, established processes to reach more clients, and penetrated the local market. Does any name come to mind?

Who better than the same banking, cryptocurrency, education, health, and loan companies?

These institutions are already competing with each other, to access a more significant number of people. So we could go from covering thousands to millions of people and thereby increase access to more and better opportunities. This can be done regardless of region, sex, skin color, religion, or other superficial characteristics.

The best idea is to help these companies register more users on their platforms safely, quickly, and reliably.

Trust is built on data

Another problem that has to be solved is the issue of trust.

The problem with building trust between strangers is the amount of information.

—Filip Victor MetaMap CEO.

Companies typically do not want to close their doors to a user, since their objective is to make money and expand. However, the risk of having little reliable information about their users leads them to reject millions based on superficial qualities, such as nationality.

Many companies are blind to any human attribute that is not simple to process and evidenced by data.

—Filip Victor MetaMap CEO.

The plan is simple: Help consumers process their merits within a secure, regulated, and fast database, to access more quality goods and services.

At the same time, as a company, we help other companies so that they can open their doors to millions of people. Companies will benefit because the information they receive from them will be reliable, regulated, and easily accessible.

To fully unlock stranger-to-stranger services worldwide, we need to help service providers forget compliance, forget regulations, and forget the complexity of assessing a consumer’s reputation. Instead, let them focus on creating new services the rest of us will come to enjoy.

—Filip Victor MetaMap CEO.

The mission of creating trust in different industries.

We want to help unite firms and potential users so that they open doors for each other and contribute to providing access to opportunities for millions of people.

Technologies such as

Opportunities should be global. Whether it is with the identity verification of a user in Nigeria, so that he can access credit, the verification of an expired identity document,  a cryptocurrency exchange account for someone in Venezuela, or helping a person in Mexico or Argentina land their dream job by verifying government documents in minutes.

Companies can achieve fast, secure, and reliable onboarding of their users around the world, regulated with KYC and AML standards, which would allow you to forget about regulations and focus on growing and unlocking new products.

Do you want to be part of this ecosystem of +550 companies worldwide? Schedule a free trial of our product today and take advantage of the opportunity to unlock borderless growth. 

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