Automation Rules can help you reduce unnecessary operational costs

Why is the Automation Rules feature important for your business’s optimization?

Creating workflows for user onboarding, authentication, AML checks, or credit assessments involves a crucial decision: which tasks to automate and which to assign for manual review—a process both time-consuming and costly.

Understanding these challenges, MetaMap introduces Automation Rules, a feature that enables businesses to tailor automation processes to their unique needs, ensuring complete control over their operations while avoiding unnecessary manual reviews.


Improve your business performance

Optimize your verification workflows by applying Automation Rules directly to error messages. Gain the power to approve, reject, or flag customers for review based on rules you define, specifically within your chosen workflows.

On the dashboard, you’ll have a clear overview of all the tools employed in your workflows, alongside the specific error messages encountered. Now, you can establish targeted rules for handling each type of error, enabling immediate improvements in efficiency and reductions in both time and costs.

Reduce operational costs and start saving
Instantly save time and costs by reducing the need for manual reviews.
Decrease customer
Automatically accept or reject users with your own rules to grant near-instant access to your services or products.
Customize and control
your processes
Leverage full control to enhance selected verification workflows. Adjust and update rules as your needs evolve.

See Automation Rules in action

Watch a brief overview of how it works.

More questions? 
Let us know how this feature adjusts to your business needs.

More questions? 
Let us know how this feature adjusts to your business needs.


How your workflows will be optimized
with Automation Rules

Automation Rules can streamline your decision-making, reducing the need
for manual intervention. Take a look at a few case examples:

Liveness Check

Alteration Detection



Failed Liveness Check goes to manual review for each case

Documents with alterations found go to manual review for each case

Facematch failed goes to manual review for each case

Automation Rules workflow

Set rules to either accept or reject customers’ Liveness Check based on your criteria

Accept or reject each type of alteration

Accept or reject failed face matches automatically


How your workflows will be optimized
with Automation Rules

Automation Rules can streamline your decision-making, reducing the need for manual intervention. Take a look at a few case examples:

No additional costs
Your current workflows won’t be affected
No obligation
Set up unlimited workflows
Test only in your selected workflows

Reversible configuration 

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about MetaMap’s Automation Rules.

Automation Rules are predefined instructions that automate decision-making in your identity verification processes. They allow you to:

  • Customize actions based on specific conditions in your workflows.
  • Increase efficiency by reducing manual tasks and speeding up processes.
  • Ensure consistency in how decisions are made across your operations.

Automation Rules are designed with a high degree of customization. You can create rules tailored to your business needs and workflow scenarios, including setting criteria for automatic decisions like accepting, rejecting, or flagging for manual review based on specific errors your business gets.

Set as many rules as you want for unlimited workflows. Establish a rule for each error you get to streamline your decision-making processes. There can be different rules for different workflows.

Automation Rules offer a more advanced and flexible approach than the current dashboard. Automation Rules allow you to create and implement your own custom rules for automating specific decisions within your workflows. This means greater precision, efficiency, and customization in handling different scenarios in your business processes.

Automation Rules are available now for select customers and will be rolled out to a wider audience soon. We are currently in the final stages of testing, and your feedback will help us improve this feature further. If you want to test it now, please click here.

No, there will be no additional cost for accessing Automation Rules. This feature is included as part of your current service package with us, ensuring you can leverage these advanced capabilities without extra charges.

You should be interested in Automation Rules if you’re looking to enhance efficiency, reduce manual workload, and streamline your decision-making processes. This feature will help cut operational costs, reduce processing times, and improve customer experience by minimizing delays in decision-making.

You can either reverse an individual automation decision or revert entirely to the previous manual settings of your workflows. For your convenience, you can test it first in selected workflows and compare efficiency and accuracy.

No, you will select specific workflows to test this feature. The workflows you don’t select won’t be affected, and the rules will only apply to those you choose.

Yes. Our team is committed to providing full support for implementing and using Automation Rules. Obtain personalized guidance, training sessions, and ongoing assistance to seamlessly maximize this feature’s benefits within your existing workflow.

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