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Flexible solutions to onboard and manage workers

Onboard freelancers, gig workers and employees while ensuring compliance, decreasing safety incidents and minimising user friction with thorough identity verification, background screenings, skills assessment, asset verification and affordability checks. Manage personnel risk with user access management and scheduled re-verifications.

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Driver onboarding

Onboard drivers onto your platform seamlessly

work driver onboardingwork driver opboarding

Gig worker onboarding

Onboard gig workers onto your platform seamlessly

gig worker onboardinggig worker onboarding

Home owner onboarding

Onboard houses and apartments onto your platform

home owner onboardingwork home owner onboarding

Work merits

court records

Court records

Who you bring onto your platform or into your organisation can be one of the biggest and riskiest decisions you can make. We can help mitigate those risks by allowing you to conduct criminal and other legal checks on prospective workers by accessing local government databases in a number of countries.

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Bank account verification

Bank account verification gives you peace of mind that you are paying money into the right account and avoiding situations where the wrong account is credited.

bank account verification
asset verification
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Asset verification

Asset verification can be used to ensure that assets being used on your platform like cars & motorbikes are of the right standard.

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bank account verification