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Compliance metamaps

Scale your compliance and risk management operations

Scale your compliance and risk management operations end-to-end with MetaMap. Use pre-built metamaps like Onboarding, Password Reset, or KYC, or build your own with our customizable merit blocks, such as ID Card fraud detection, Validation of National IDs, Biometrics, and AML checks.

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User onboarding

Get higher onboarding completion rates with an onboarding metamap.

compliance on boardingcompliance user onboarding

AML monitoring

Meet compliance requirements in each of your markets with an AML metamap.

Compliance AML monitoringcompliance aml monitoring

Fraud detection

Reduce fraud by checking ownership and fraud risk of IDs and digital assets with a fraud metamap.

Compliance fraud detectioncompliance fraud detection

Compliance merits

id document fraud detection

ID document fraud detection

Verify that your user's ID document is valid, belongs to the user, and can be trusted. Document Verification allows your user to upload images of one or more documents for verification.

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AML watchlist

Become fully compliant in terms of your local financial regulators. Verify that your user is not listed on 1200+ criminal, terrorists, anti-money laundering, fraud, or politically exposed person (PEP) watchlists.

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aml watchlist
biometric verification

Biometric verification

Verify that a user's photo matches validated sources, and that they pass video verification of liveness. Your user just needs to upload selfie photos or videos, and MetaMap will check that your user is a live human and is the intended person.

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Email check

Verify that your user owns an email, and whether there is a fraud risk associated with that email.

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aml watchlist
government data

Government data

Verify that the data your users submit match official government records. If there is a match, you can be sure that your users are real people and their documents are valid.

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Phone check

Verify that your user owns a phone number, and whether there is a fraud risk associated with that number.

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aml watchlist
e signature


Sign legal documents digitally with biometrically verified users. Verify that a user's biometrics and ID documents are valid prior to prompting a user to sign a document digitally.

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Device check

Complement your cybersecurity efforts and stop account fraud. This product offers instantaneous device identification that helps protect businesses against criminals, validate fraudulent usage of your apps, and the device profile can be used to compare against a global intelligence network to trigger alerts on any suspicious behaviour.

device check
location intelligence

Location intelligence

Personalize and geo-fence your business offerings and services based on your user's geographical location at Country, State, and Zip Code levels, and also detect VPN / proxy access from your users.

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Custom document

Verify that your user's uploaded document or images matches the custom document template that you define. Custom Document allows you to accept documents for verification that are not available as part of MetaMap's core Document Verification block.

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custom document
user login

User login

As you grow your user base and scale your business, you will need to re-verify the users in various cases. Some of these cases are mostly because of compliance, whilst other arise from specific business needs.

Custom watchlists

Check if your users match a custom list of people that you want to approve, reject, or review.

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device check
custom input

Custom input

Create custom fields to create user inputs as part of your metamap.

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Face ID access

Conveniently authenticate an existing user with a selfie of their face. Grant access smoothly without having to re-verify users

face id access
face match

Face match

Compare face images from different sources to check that the faces belong to the same person.

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