The most flexible way to

become KYC compliant

onboard new users

verify users

avoid fraud

With MetaMap cut development times by 90% and comply with local and international regulation.

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Metamaps are customizable verification flows

  • Choose from our battle-tested metamaps, customize as needed
  • Drag and drop your merits. No coding needed
  • Easy to deploy into your customer journey through SDKs and API

Mix and match merits to build  metamaps and assess reputation

Our growing pool of merits lets you find the exact data point you need to verify someone fairly.

Verify, assess and onboard your customers in no time

  • Prevent fraud by asking & validating the required information
  • Offer a delightful user experience
  • Verify user in under 3 minutes

Seemlessly build, integrate and analyze your metamaps

easy integration

Easy integration

Smoothly integrate with web and mobile platforms through our SDK, our API or using a direct link.

drag and drop builder

Drag-and drop builder

Build metamaps with our drag-and-drop UI. Toggle the countries you want to comply in.

Comprehensive dashboard

Comprehensive dashboard

View all users you've automatically verified and manually review a case if needed.

Metamap analytics

Metamap analytics

View analytics per metamap to get a breakdown of user data and find growth opportunities.


Our Products

id check icon
ID document fraud detection

Verify that your user's ID document is valid, belongs to the user, and can be trusted. Document Verification allows your user to upload images of one or more documents for verification.

See documentation
AML watchlist
AML watchlist

Become fully compliant in terms of your local financial regulators. Verify that your user is not listed on 1200+ criminal, terrorists, anti-money laundering, fraud, or politically exposed person (PEP) watchlists.

See documentation
biometrics icon
Biometric verification

Verify that a user's photo matches validated sources and that they pass video verification of liveness. Your user just needs to upload selfie photos or videos, and MetaMap will check that your user is a live human and is the intended person.

See documentation
id check icon
Email check

Verify that your user owns an email, and whether there is a fraud risk associated with that email.

See documentation
government data icon
Government data

Verify that the data, your users submit matches official government records. If there is a match, you can be sure that your users are real people and their documents are valid.

See documentation
phone check icon
Phone check

Verify that your user owns a phone number and whether there is a fraud risk associated with that number.

See documentation
device check icon

Sign legal documents digitally with biometrically verified users. Verify that a user's biometrics and ID documents are valid prior to prompt a user to sign a document digitally.

See documentation
device check icon
Device check

Complement your cybersecurity efforts and stop account fraud. This product offers instantaneous device identification that helps protect businesses against criminals, validate fraudulent usage of your apps, and the device profile can be used to compare against a global intelligence network to trigger alerts on any suspicious behaviour.

ip check icon
Location intelligence

Personalize and geo-fence your business offerings and services based on your user's geographical location at Country, State, and Zip Code levels, and also detect VPN / proxy access from your users.

See documentation
custom document icon
Custom document

Verify that your user's uploaded document or images matches the custom document template that you define. Custom Document allows you to accept documents for verification that are not available as part of Metamap's core Document Verification block.

See documentation
login icon
Login management

As you grow your user base and scale your business, you will need to re-verify the users in various cases. Some of these cases are mostly because of compliance, whilst other arise from specific business needs.

custom watchlists icon
Custom watchlists

Check if your users match a custom list of people that you want to approve, reject, or review.

custom watchlists icon
Custom input

Create custom fields to create user inputs as part of your metamap.

See documentation
custom input icon
Face match

Compare face images from different sources to check that the faces belong to the same person.

face id access icon
Face ID access

Conveniently authenticate an existing user with a selfie of their face. Grant access smoothly without having to re-verify users

compliance merits products illustration
credit check
Credit check

Assess your loan applicant's ability and intent to pay and offer instant loan experiences to your customers in full compliance across multiple countries.

See documentation
work account data
Work account data

Verify employment and income by allowing your users to connect their work account data from gig platforms and large companies.

See documentation
banking data
Banking data

Instantly understand your user's financial capabilities by allowing users to share their data stored within their bank account, including transaction history, balance, account, and identity information.

payroll data
Payroll data

Verify employment and income by allowing your users to connect their payroll account data.

financial merits product illustration
background check
Court records

Who you bring onto your platform or into your organisation can be one of the biggest and riskiest decisions you can make. We can help mitigate those risks by allowing you to conduct criminal and other legal checks on prospective workers by accessing local government databases in a number of countries.

See documentation
bank account verification
Bank account verification

Bank account verification gives you peace of mind that you are paying money into the right account and avoiding situations where the wrong account is credited.

asset verification
Asset verification

Asset verification can be used to ensure that assets being used on your platform like cars & motorbikes are of the right standard.

work and hiring merits

3 ways to integrate MetaMap

metamap api

with the
MetaMap API

Create custom flows and build your own UX. The information collected is sent to MetaMap and it’s validity is verified in seconds


Keep total control over your front-end


Requires in-house design and development

Set up

1-2 weeks

Coding needed



All platforms

web and mobile sdk

with web or
mobile SDK

Create custom flows using a pre-built UX. Copy a few lines of code provided in the dashboard and paste them on your app or website

No need to build front-end or maintain software

Limited flexibility in terms of look&feel

4 hours - 5 days


Web, Native (iOS, Android), Hybrid (Capacitor, Flutter, Ionic Cordova, React Native, Expo)

metamap api

Direct link

Create custom flows using a pre-built UX. Just copy the link provided in your dashboard and share it via email, SMS or WhatsApp

No development needed

The UX is not embedded in your app or website

5 minutes



MetamMap is developer-friendly

Our solution aligns with your business goals without forgetting those who make things happen.

Read the documentation
meta map is developer friendly

Don’t take our word for it

Darshan Bathija Avatar
Darshan Bathija
“We needed a truly global solution with an extremely high reputation, which is why we chose MetaMap. I was surpised at the flexibility with which they worked backwards from the problem to adapt their solution. The onboarding can now be completed in 30 seconds and the verification happens in real time. We just couldn’t do that with the other solutions.”
CEO, Vauld
gustavo romero
Gustavo Romero
"MetaMap’s API has become a reference in the market, it’s the hub for identity. With MetaMap, no need to look for other suppliers to access a new watchlist or national database. Implementing MetaMap has also resulted in substantially higher conversion rates on our loans thanks to faster and more relevant checks.”
CEO, Wenance
Gustavo Matos avatar
Gustavo Matos
“Embedding MetaMap improved the user experience of our product while reducing fraud incidents. We were also able to deploy the API quickly and easily, which was crucial to us as we expanded to Mexico.”
Head of Legal and Risk, Creditas

They’re scaling with MetaMap

binance client logoeversend client tab logoolx group client logocreditas client tab logo

Binance uses MetaMap to simplify their account creation flows and comply with local regulations

Instead of going through a tedious verification process, new users now just need their ID numbers to start using Binance. Other checks are required to get access to specific features, but users are never asked for more than the necessary information.

Binance expanded to Brazil, Argentina and Mexico with MetaMap.

binance meta map

Eversend improved the user experience of their onboarding, drastically reducing drop-offs from new users

Instead of asking for unnecessary information from the beginning. Eversend gives progressive access to their platform. Users get verified seamlessly because they understand the importance of the required information.

Eversend expanded to Africa and Europe with MetaMap.

Eversend meta map

By simplifying their vendor verification process, OLX increased their sales and the quantity of products available in their platform

OLX increased trust between buyers and sellers by enabling vendors to get verified faster. Asking for less information and doing so at the right time is crucial in encouraging more vendors to get verified.

OLX expanded to Latin America with MetaMap.

Olx group meta map

Creditas eliminated fraudulent accounts and reduced their loan default rate by over 50%

Creditas identifies fraudsters faster with MetaMap. They also shorten their contract approval timeframe by minimizing the required information and giving additional choice to their users.

Creditas expanded to Latin America with Metamap.

creditas meta map


How does MetaMap handle data storage and processing?

MetaMap encrypts customer data at rest using the AES256 algorithm, customer data in transit using TLS 1.2 and 1.3 protocols and modern cipher suites based on perfect forward secrecy.

MetaMap's production data storage is located in different availability zones. Backups of customer data are continuously created and stored on multiple availability zones.

What security and technology certifications does MetaMap have?

We are currently in the process of obtaining SOC2 certification, meaning we are already SOC2 compliant, but are under a 6-month audit review period. We will be fully certified at the end of February 2022 once this period is over.

We are also in the process of applying for the ISO27001 Information Security Management System. We aim to start the audit review towards the end of Q1 2022.

Finally, we are in the process of applying for the ISO 30107-3 Certification. The review audit period will start in Q2 2022.

How long does it take to implement MetaMap?

Using our direct link: 5 minutes, since no coding is required.
Using our SDK: 4 hours to 5 days, depending on the scope of the integration and your in-house development skills.
Using our API: 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the amount of front-end development work that needs to be done.

How often does MetaMap add new features?

You can expect weekly updates from us as well as a monthly newsletter going over all the news, from bug fixes to major product launches.

Is this a one-stop shop type of tool? Or can it be used as a data source?

Our platform works best as a one-stop-shop for all your identity needs, as well as a growth tool. There are very few cases where merchants use our product as just a data source as we have so much more to offer.

How scalable and customizable is MetaMap regarding new requirements that may arise?

Our API offers the highest degree of customizability possible regarding the front-end integration since merchants can create a fully customizable user experience. The same SDK and API integration can be scaled globally, so there is no need to update your integration when you launch in new countries. Besides that, we’re constantly adapting our solution to solve new requirements from our customers, so all your feedback is welcome.

How does MetaMap handle technical issues and offer support?

You can ask any questions or report technical issues to our Support Team. We’re available 24/7 and you can reach out to us via the internal chat we have inside our Dashboard and also at (the address will be updated to soon).

We’re available in different regions and languages, so we have you covered wherever you’re based and regardless of your preferred language. Our team can share best practices, show you how our product works and also provide a solution to any technical issue.

What is the customer experience like post-integration?

Once integrated, our customers have access to teams that will make sure they are set up for growth and success with our trust platform. Once signed, all merchants are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). This will be your main point of contact and advocate at MetaMap, it's like having your own internal team member working for you at our company!

Customer success teams proactively work with customers to understand their business goals and help them get value from the services we provide. Their main goal is to ensure customers are satisfied and growing with our solution. Customers can expect recurring meetings with their CSMs to go over expansion plans, best practices, new feature ideas, company goals, and much more.

In addition to the dedicated CSM, customers will have access to our support team. Customer support teams resolve product-related issues and educate the customer about how the product works. They are available on a 24/7 cadence and you can reach out to them through our chat and email (VIP channels will be added soon!).

Aside from these personal engagements, customers can expect recurring communications such as weekly product updates, monthly newsletters, platform status updates, and satisfaction surveys.

We have you covered!

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