Lost time is never found again. There is no way to recover the time spent in the bank queue, waiting on the phone or deciding which series to watch. Therefore, we need to know how to administer it if we want to be efficient, productive and happy in our work and personal life.

It's undeniable that the world we live in is moving faster, regardless of generation; Millennials, Centennials and Alphas have more and more things to do, see, share and they continue to have the same 24 hours in one day to accomplish everything.

"Lost time is never found again, and when we say we have time to spare, we realize that time is short." Benjamin Franklin

However, you can't put aside safety, trust and laws to favor speed. But, what if you could enjoy the best of the worlds, thanks to the right ally?

Time for companies

While daily life is already challenging for most human beings, with hundreds of apps, notifications, emails and alarms, to the business world this is even more overwhelming.

That is why, when opening a business, an entrepreneur doesn't end their first week without realizing that one of the most valuable assets they have is time.

Not only because it is finite, but also because the speed with which new trends arise today, added to the increase of direct and indirect competitors, oblige companies to advance even faster than individuals alone and without allies would ever be able to do.

This translates into creating strategies or having technological allies that allow them to escalate urgently to stay up to date in this era, that is: options that help you accomplish more with less effort.

In this sense, time has become an extremely valuable resource for companies and entrepreneurs who know very well that incurring delays of minutes and even seconds can represent a huge loss of customers and money.

When can we notice the importance of time?

You see this every day. Let's imagine, for example, that you want to be part of a big marketplace or a platform for buying and selling products; You enter the site and it looks great, but by clicking the registration button a form page appears, with many fields for you to fill. In addition, they warn you the request will take days for approval.

Who never stopped at this point and wondered if it's worth continuing or if it’s best to leave it for another day? Because if you make a quick calculation you will see that it will take some time, and time is precisely what you don’t have.

These days, registration or payment delays have become virtually undesirable and unsatisfactory.

Now, imagine that to register on the same website you only need to do a biometric check or upload a photo from a document (ID check) in a few seconds.

In this case, you will most likely not let the registration for another day, or look for another marketplace. With your photo or ID, you can register and go on with your day in less than 1 minute.

After seeing both situations, it is clear that a change in the process – a change that values time, is decisive to increase the registered users.

But it doesn't only apply to the marketplace case, but also to a hotel, a bank, a government entity or for any company that wants to incorporate a user as a customer nowadays.

The power of artificial intelligence (AI)

Surely, time optimization has a lot to do with technology, precisely with one that doesn't stop evolving: Artificial Intelligence.

These technologies offer endless advantages and their applications can be found in any industry, from health, safety and education, up to logistics and information technology.

"Today the AI technology tools are vital for companies to optimize their daily cyber security operations, analyze large amounts of risk data and significantly reduce response time in identity verification processes", says IBM.

But AI also plays an important role in time management, as its greatest power is to analyze large quantities of data in seconds and provide reports that companies can later use to develop their strategies and solutions.

This is why its integration into the processes of identity verification is essential to ensure, in the shortest time possible, that the customer is the person who they claim to be, thus, allowing a commercial relationship and assistance throughout its relationship with an entity.

Find the best ally

Several characteristics make an ally the best friend of companies and entrepreneurs, but there are four main:

  1. One that integrates advanced AI technologies and machine learning to perform faster checks;
  2. That is able to accompany the organization and user throughout the authentication process and their subsequent needs;
  3. That has the goal to build trust between companies and customers.
  4. That has cost and scalability that rely on the needs of each company.

An ally like MetaMap fulfills all of the above and many others, as it works by highlighting the users' merits in the form of legal, financial, labor and social data so that companies can open the doors for more customers with trust, regardless of who they are or where they live.

In addition, MetaMap can instantly check more than 900  local and international watchlists, and alert in a timely manner if any of the users show up there. This way, companies can be aware of their regulators' demands in themes such as KYC and AML.

Metamaps and time

To operate with this level of efficiency, MetaMap uses metamaps, which are validated and merit-based data flows, fully customizable and easy to build. The goal: ask for less information, but do it at the right time.

These metamaps, plus a high-level AI technology, responsible for increasing speed and reducing the friction in verifications, make MetaMap the perfect ally to check and prove that registered users are 100% reliable, either through IP and GPS verification, document verification or even biometrics.


Better time management is a need for both users and companies. It is important to give time the value it deserves and avoid losing relevance in the current market and in the future.

It is also extremely important to choose a good technological ally like MetaMap, which helps you implement the main tools, such as AI, to unlock your potential and offer all users a fair chance of proving themselves reliable.