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What Is KYC? What Is the KYC Verification Process in Banking?

A streamlined Know Your Customer (KYC) framework can improve the customer experience and protect financial institutions against fraud.

The Metaverse and the Urgency for Safety

One of the most searched topics these days is the "metaverse". What is it? Why are companies betting on it? Find the answers here.

Security and Trust in Fintech Companies

Going hand in hand with the digital transformation, the security is reinforced through blockchain.

Where is the Security of your NFTs?

NFTs are presented as the new technology that is here to stay and to revolutionize all markets. However, security is important too.

How to Build Trust in the Digital Era?

Trust has been the core of all relationships throughout history. How is modern trust generated in the digital era?

The Biometric Revolution: Pay With Your Face

See how biometric authentication is taking the place of old forms of identification by eliminating bureaucracy, errors and fraud.

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What is AML and Compliance in Fraud Prevention

Learn about what is AML Compliance and how all businesses, big or small, need to stay on top of the law.

MetaMap: Global Opportunities For Companies and Users Through Technology

"Technology is best when it brings people together." – Matt Mullenweg.

What is PLD and Compliance in Fraud Prevention?

For those in the corporate world, knowing what PLD/AML means and how to comply with its rules is a necessity.

How to Verify Your Users without Hurting Your Conversion Rate

KYC and AML checks help financial services and other regulated firms prevent fraud, money laundering, and corruption.

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Identity Verification Provider

If you’re running a fintech, bank, or a sharing economy platform, Identity verification is vital for your business's growth.

Fraud: How KYC is a Tool for Survival

To avoid fraud, companies are now forced to verify their clients' identities. Here's how.

Biometric Verification, from Fiction to Reality

Biometrics are not just available to almost anyone, but it is now a vital part of cybersecurity.

Digital Security at Your Fingertips

Fingerprint verification is one of the safest and most trustworthy technologies and one we are now using almost every day.

How the Lending Industry Can Overcome Present and Future Challenges

The lending industry will never be the same, as technology and user demands will continue to increase.

4 Tools to Prevent Digital Fraud

Criminals have evolved, but so have the tools to protect users. Learn these 4 ways to protect your business from online fraud.

Crypto and financial world: Perspectives for the end of 2022

Both, financial and crypto markets are having a bumpy road on this 2022, will it be like this in the near future? Come and read to find out.

ID Verification: You don’t need to do it alone

Fake IDs are becoming more common, creating the need of an easy and quick verification process. Do you have your perfect ally to do so?

Data verification: Not just for Fintechs

Digital security is a trending term these days, one that many companies claim to have, but perhaps this is not entirely true.

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